Welcome to

The Computational Cognitive Development Lab, Vanderbilt University.

Who we are

We are a developmental psychology lab in the Department of Psychology and Human Development at Vanderbilt University.

What we do

In our research, we focus on two broad questions. First, how do infants and young children learn about cause-and-effect relations in the world? Second, how do infants evaluate others based on their social and moral actions? We rely on experiments and computational modeling to answer these two questions.

Whom we test

In the CCD Lab we test infants and young children. For our infant studies, we recruit and test babies between 4 and 26 months of age. For our kid studies, we recruit and test children between 3 and 5 years of age.

What a study is like

For every study and experiment, you will be with your child at all times. If you decide to bring another child along for the visit, we will also have an on-site babysitter. Our studies are very simple and a lot of fun. Our studies with infants involve showing them a simple video on a computer display. Our studies with children involve playing with toys and answering simple questions.

Contact us

Email: vuccdlab@gmail.com
Instagram: @vuccdlab
TikTok: @vuccdlab

Phone #: 615-343-2600